Equine Veterinary Education Podcast
EVE Podcast, No. 43, July 2022 - Rethinking equine anaesthetic risk: Development of a novel Combined Horse Anaesthetic Risk Identification and Optimisation tool (CHARIOT)
EVE Podcast, No. 42, May 2022 - Small intestinal intussusception in horses: Multicentre retrospective report on 26 cases (2009-2020)
EVE Podcast, No. 41, March 2022 - Surgical repair of a full-thickness ear pinna defect in a horse
EVE Podcast, No. 40, February 2022 - Revisiting the use of hydroxyethyl starch solutions in equine fluid therapy
EVE Podcast, No. 39, January 2022 - Improving clinical outcomes via responsible antimicrobial use in horses
EVE Podcast, No. 38, December 2021 - Diagnosis and management of sand enteropathy in the horse
EVE Podcast, No. 37, November 2021 - Cross-sectional survey of the diagnosis and treatment of distal limb cellulitis in horses
EVE Podcast, No. 36, October 2021 - Radiographic technique to improve diagnosis of sagittal axial sesamoid fracture
EVE Podcast, No. 35, September 2021 - Laboratory investigation of equine renal disease
EVE Podcast, No. 34, July 2021 - Difficult horses
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